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Kyox Locksmiths of Manchester

A word from the owner:
"Make a good rapport with your local locksmith. Make him/her your personally involved assistant!"

We are the professional and experienced locksmiths in Greater Manchester. Our history had begun back in 2004 when we decided to become your "next door locksmith". Those times there was a dramatic increase in the crime rates. Few people asked us, professional engineers, technicians and craftsmen, to fix the door lock or an alarm system. After 2008 and its crisis we got a lot of requests but less money, as most of the residents were short of budget. However, that hadn't stopped us. So, today Kyox Locksmiths of Manchester has an experienced team of fully equipped lock experts with skills and hundreds of training behind.

The best way to deal with an unpredictable situation is to prepare for the unexpected. Having an emergency locksmith service provider nearby with the option to call whenever you have problems with your keys and locks, can alleviate the pressure of looking for quick solutions.

Locksmith near me. Where?

"I need a locksmith near me" is the most frequently used phrase when looking for reliable services. Happens you've lost your keys and needed a fast response from a locksmith in Manchester? You can always call us on 07479 276050, and we'll be pleased to pick your lock, repair it or install a new one.

Our service area is not limited to the Manchester City and its close suburbs, but Kyox Locksmiths of Manchester operates in M32 Manchester, Urmston, Barlow Moor, West Didsbury, Burnage, Debdale, Copster Hill, Heady Hill, Heywood, Prestolee, Radcliffe, Alder Forest, Eccles, Salford, M7, Sale, Oldham, etc.

Whatever you need, we are equipped with a myriad of mobile locksmith tools. We use non-destructive techniques that do not damage your door lock and strive to go the extra mile to ensure 100% satisfaction to all our customers. We ensure that:
» Our talented staff is qualified enough to answer to all your worries and give you all the information you want to secure your house and business optimally.
» We offer market-best locks and security products.
» Our employees are reliable, highly qualified, and professional.
» Your call is of high importance to us, no matter the time of the day, season or weather.

Locksmith Services

Friendly service from reliable Manchester locksmiths. We're proud to offer locksmith services in Greater Manchester, UK, giving a hand when you need to repair a lock or change door fittings. Working with a passionate crew that's available 24/7, you can give your home security needs to our speedy, professional support. We strive to stay on top by fully utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry to deliver outstanding services.


24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Service
» emergency lockouts help
» burglary repairs
» home security
» broken key extraction
» broken locks
» jammed door
» lock repair
Residential locksmith
» lock replacement
» high-security locking unit installation
» lock fitting
» faulty lock repair
» uPVC window and door lock specialists
Commercial locksmith
» lock and key solutions
» access points protection
» lock malfunction
» alarm systems maintenance
Auto locksmiths and more services


Specialized Locksmiths Services

When you need an auto locksmith or any other type of locksmith service, it's important to ensure you have a partner that employs the latest techniques. Our locksmiths in Manchester stay abreast of the latest technology to swiftly take care of all your key and lock-related needs, including replacements, repairs and installations.

Our expert locksmith Manchester are pleased to provide you with the specific locksmith services, that could be:

Safes lock repair: We rely on our safe to keep our valuables secure. If your child has played with your safe box or you're unable to open it, our local locksmith team can help you gain access and repair.

Exit alarms and panic bars: If you need panic bars or exit alarms to secure your business, emergency 24 hour locksmiths Manchester can help you install any equipment you need.

Lock, hardware, and door viewers: Our plethora of locksmith services include repairs and installation of locks, hardware and door viewers. We can advise high-quality equipment to discourage intrusion and theft.

Mailboxes or padlocks installation: If you've recently moved, it's recommended to change all your locks. However, it is reasonable to conduct a full home security check. Usually, people do forget that the mailbox slot is the perfect option for a burglar to put his hand into and unlock the door from the inside, even if you have fixed the night latch.
Garden or garage gates are usually a vulnerable point of access as well. There is a wide variety of padlocks on the market today, from old fashioned stainless steel to those using the code. The trusted locksmith Manchester can help you with that.
Getting our prompt assistance will ensure that whatever issue you have with your locks and keys is handled using the right techniques.

Our Services

On a personal note

"Sometimes it is enough to look around to notice a glimpse of fortune. That's what happened to me. Once upon a time, I was leaving my office when a man spoke to me. He owned a shop 20 yards from my place and had just been robbed. The burglars took some stuff and broke all the locks on the doors, windows. The owner, Ted, was in despair. The constable advised finding a local locksmith to change the locks. Ted was walking toward the newsstand when he noticed the set of tools in my hand. One easy question - and I got the order! Next week we discovered that we had not only worked in one street but lived in the very same county. Unbelievable! Three houses next to each other. That was the beginning of a long and rich friendship."

Real Life Challenge

Life is not flawless. Here are some real-life examples we had encountered.

"The lock jammed on the front wooden door. I had been pounding it with a brick for 20 minutes. When the lock was about to succumb, I kicked the door like Jackie Chan, breaking the lock completely. It was painful for my leg and wallet, but there was no other option - my parents left for a week, there were a hungry cat and dog sitting at the door."

Or another story.

"My wife left for work, and later I realized that my set of keys were in her car. I have a flight in two hours!"

Both times, men called professional locksmiths, us. However, the price was significantly different.

Quite often the key is left in the keyhole. In this case, even if you wait for someone from the household who has another key, you cannot open it, because the key is still inside the lock. In a similar situation, emergency opening services are in hand. Some try to knock out the key from the outside, expecting it to fall out on the ground. It results in expensive work and complete lock replacement. But they could have avoided it...

What to consider so as not to be in a similar situation?

  1. Maintain your locks. If the lock jams continuously or the door does not open properly, repair it or change the locks immediately. Then you will not overpay for the emergency locksmith's arrival.
  2. Try to replace locks that do not allow you to open the door from the outside.
  3. Leave a spare set of keys with relatives, neighbours or friends.


Our motto is to meet and exceed your expectations by providing exceptional professional locksmith services in Manchester that you deserve.
We've got:


Why locksmiths don't want to reveal their secrets?

Residents of Greater Manchester can rest knowing that there are Manchester locksmiths who are always ready to help in case of an emergency. However, have you ever wondered why locksmiths don't want to reveal their secrets? Well, it's easy to learn how to pick locks online on YouTube. Nevertheless, just like other professional jobs need knowledge, and experience, dealing with home security system also requires certification and licensing to operate. Trusted locksmiths, like us, cooperate with the local authorities to monitor the situation and establish an honest reputation.

Relevant information about the crime rates in your area can be found on the Metropolitan Police website, you simply need to input your location.

Don't Settle for Less!

Kyox Locksmiths of Manchester is always at your service each time you need help. Give us a call right now at 07479 276050 and we'll be happy to solve all your lock-related issues!

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